A Good, Clean Splash

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Twinlab is a major manufac­turer and marketer of sports nutri­tion products. Responding to an evolving market, the brand managers decided that the next gener­a­tion of nutri­tional drinks would need to be for the mass market, appealing to both women and men, and be free of all artifi­cial flavors, color­ings, sweet­eners, and question­able or banned substances. They called it the “Clean Series.” It would be a brand consumers could trust without worrying about scruti­nizing the list of ingre­di­ents for contro­ver­sial items..

The packaging needed to reflect this new idea, yet still be identi­fi­able at a glance in health food stores to loyal customers. Here is the first sketch given me by the art director on the package layout.

illustration of veggiesport splash ad sketch1 A Good, Clean Splash

art director’s first sketch for new Veggie Sport Protein package

Through several sets of proofs, we worked out the right balance of realism and fantasy. These are the final illus­tra­tions.

illustration of cherry splash A Good, Clean Splash

illustration of choco splash A Good, Clean Splashillustration of orange splash A Good, Clean Splashillustration of vanilla splash A Good, Clean Splash


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