Alvita​.com Features Botanical Art

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Alvita Designs Web Site Around New Botanical Illustrations
by Paul Mirocha

illustration of alvita homepage 1024x884 Features Botanical Art

New Alvita​.com home page using a slide show of Mirocha botan­ical paint­ings

illustration of alvitadotcom all teas Features Botanical Art

Click image to go to the alvita​.com herbal tea site

When I run out of design ideas, I often turn to botany. Plants always come through for me as design solutions when all else fails. Each plant species is a beautiful, elegant design solution in itself, a varia­tion on the theme for its botan­ical family. Plants are very coöper­a­tive. You never have to guild the lily.

Alvita did a nice job re-purposing the art from their new herbal tea packages for their home page. It’s more than that– the botan­ical illus­tra­tions form the founda­tion for the site design. There is  a nice atten­tion to details, using a decep­tively simple user inter­face, while allowing the plant art to speak for themselves. And they sell themselves.

illustration of elderberry art Features Botanical Artillustration of catnip art Features Botanical Art

illustration of burdock art Features Botanical Art

A special thanks to artists Julie Julak and Barbara Terkanian who helped with many of these plants as part of my studio to complete this project on schedule.

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