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Alvita Designs Web Site Around New Botanical Illustrations
by Paul Mirocha home page with dandelion illustration

New home page using a slide show of Mirocha botanical paintings


Click image to go to the herbal tea site

When I run out of design ideas, I often turn to botany. Plants always come through for me as design solutions when all else fails. Each plant species is a beautiful, elegant design solution in itself, a variation on the theme for its botanical family. Plants are very cooperative. You never have to guild the lily.

Alvita did a nice job re-purposing the art from their new herbal tea packages for their home page. It’s more than that– the botanical illustrations form the foundation for the site design. There is  a nice attention to details, using a deceptively simple user interface, while allowing the plant art to speak for themselves. And they sell themselves.

elderberry illustrationcatnip illustration

burdock botanical illustration

A special thanks to artists Julie Julak and Barbara Terkanian who helped with many of these plants as part of my studio to complete this project on schedule.

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