Make Way for Monarchs

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illustration of Milkweed flower monarch B+W 1.21 Make Way for Monarchs

Color is pretty, but usability is even better. Even in this highly techno­log­ical age of rich media, there is a place for the simplicity of pen and ink.

I created this scratch­board-style illus­tra­tion of a Monarch butterfly for the Make way for Monarchs campaign. There will be color versions in the future, but I designed these white papers and calls for action for the lowest common denom­i­nator: newspaper print, office ink jet printers, and copiers. They are meant to print easily from the Web site and post or distribute.

Almost every school kid can identify a Monarch butterfly. They are like dande­lions and Robins, right? Yes, but they appear to be going extinct. Scientists have documented a 60% decline in numbers of Monarchs in their winter migra­tory gathering ground in southern Mexico. No one inten­tion­ally kills a monarch, but they do kill milkweed plants. That’s because of the word “weed” that is part of its common name.

Monarchs depend on the Milkweeds to be there in the right place and time during their epic migra­tions from southern Mexico to the Canadian border–it’s the only thing their cater­pil­lars will eat. Maybe you remember learning that in grade school. The devel­op­ment of new genet­i­cally modified crops that are resis­tant to herbi­cides like “Roundup” means that many farms are spraying more of the stuff indis­crim­i­nately. Highway depart­ments around North America also spray and cut the weeds” growing by roadsides.

All of this pressure on the Milkweed plants has made them scarce. MakeWayForMonarchs​.org has spear­headed an inter­na­tional campaign to educate people about this relation­ship between the Monarch and Milkweed. By leaving Milkweeds and other semi-wild plants alone, we can allow Monarchs and many other insects, birds, and small mammals to have a place to live. So think twice before spraying that weed. It may be somebodies only food, or home.

illustration of winged credo 791x1024 Make Way for Monarchs

illustration of metamorphosis 791x1024 Make Way for Monarchs

Metamorphosis, by Gary Nabhan: Read the whole 3-page article in pdf form.

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