What noodles look like after studying zen

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illustration of noodles1package What noodles look like after studying zen

Asia Traditions Ramen package design by Gauger and Assoc., illus­tra­tion by Paul Mirocha

Photography or Illustration?

Choosing illus­tra­tion vs photog­raphy is a funda­mental decision when thinking out a new food packaging design. Sometimes you want to use illus­tra­tion because your competi­tors are using photog­raphy. Illustration can add an element of fantasy, depicting the taste as it exists in the imagi­na­tion of the consumer. A painting can also add a precious and hi-end look that contrasts with the ubiqui­tous cheap photo­shop collage. (I paint in Photoshop, so have nothing against that.) Or maybe the product just doesn’t photo­graph well, or at all.

All of these came into play with the new Asian Traditions Ramen carton, designed by San Francisco branding agency Gauger and Associates. They wanted a very asian style design. Simple with no unnec­es­sary elements. Noodles should have the elegance of a long formal evening dress.

Noodles are just out of control on chop sticks. Gauger used a photo to show what they wanted. They also sent me some product and the first thing I did was to boils some up for lunch. I took some photos of my own, just to study the look, color, textures, etc for my own painting.

illustration of from client What noodles look like after studying zen

What the designer sent

illustration of photo ramen What noodles look like after studying zen

What I photographed to study for the painting


illustration of rice noodles 4 packages 72 1 What noodles look like after studying zen

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