All these bugs, reptiles, birds, mammals, etc. were photographed on Tumamoc Hill, a wild chunk of the Sonoran Desert..

Gray-scale photography, both film and digital

Combinations, montage, and composites of multiple images, blended into one.

The historical Carnegie Desert Botanical Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, established in 1903. The first field station in the world dedicated entirely to the study of deserts.

Landscape images made on Tumamoc Hill

Desert plants: cacti, flowers, dead and dry, alive and green, boring and beautiful.

Scientist working on Tumamoc Hill: ecologists, archaeologists, and more.

Shrines, sacred and special places on and around Tumamoc Hill.


Skies, weather, monsoons, clouds, and everything that's in the sky, visible on Tumamoc.

Megapixel images that can be printed large and mural-sized.