It’s It!

IT WAS A MOMENT OF GENIUS. It became a legend and produced the first ice cream sandwich. It was 1928 at San Francisco's "Playland at the Beach." Ice cream vendor George Whitney placed a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies and dipped it in a vat of dark chocolate. The people who tried it said it was "It!" Tthe It's-It ice cream company was born.

The It's-It was sold individually at local San Francisco stores in cellophane packages until 2008. The It's-It company hired Gauger and Associates to design a package that could hold a dozen and sell their classic ice cream sandwiches at Costco.

After trying photography without success, Gauger hired Paul Mirocha to illustrate the It's-It sandwich as it should look in the taster's imagination. You can now find them at many stores, including Safeway. I keep a box in my freezer for emergencies.

It's It

Paul’s painting of It’s It ice cream

it's-it package-original

The original It’s-It package


It's-It new package layout wth Paul's art

It’s-It new package layout wth Paul’s art

it's-it ice cream illustration


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