Cactus and succulent house

Is it a cactus or a succulent? Both, of course. A better question is, "Is it a Cactus or a Euphorbia?"

I painted the illustrations for the new Sybil B. Harrington Cactus and Succulent Galleries at the desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona.

illustration of succulent Cactus and succulent house

Pachypodiium, an example of a succulent plant

Which plant below is a Cactus and which is a Euphorbia? (Hint: read the labels.) Euphorbia plants from the dry areas of Africa look a lot like cacti, which only grow in North and South America. People often confuse them, but they are unrelated, a product of parallel evolution. The key to identifying a cactus that it has an ariole. See the illustration below for an ariole.

Congratulations, you just had a casual learning experience.

illustration of echinocereus Cactus and succulent house

Hedgehog cactus

illustration of euphorbia Cactus and succulent house
Euphorbia plan
illustration of areole 270x300 Cactus and succulent house

A cactus areole

illustration of pf button Cactus and succulent house

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