Cactus beetle

This was an acrylic and carbon dust painting created for the University of Arizona Entomology department for a poster, which I also designed. The idea came from the bug: I had captured this cactus beetle, Moneilema gigas, to use as a model and put it in a terrarium overnight with a cactus pad as food. I intended to draw it the following day. In the morning, it had eaten a little window into the Sonoran Desert out of the prickly pear pad.

illustration of cactus beetle monoleima gigas

The long-horned cactus beetle, Moneilema gigas

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  1. Wendy Moore
    June 3, 2014

    Hi Paul,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I am an Assistant Professor in the UA Department of Entomology, and I simply love this image of yours that has come to represent our Department.



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