Cactus Cafe

These paintings are from Cactus Cafe by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, published by Soundprints/The Nature Conservancy in 1997. This was the last book I illustrated using gouache (opaque watercolor) and colored pencil, before beginning to work with digital painting.

Cover illustration for Cactus Cafe "Cactus Cafe" book cover

illustration of bats feeding at saguaro flowers blooming at night

Nectar-feeding bats pollinating night-blooming saguaro flowers


illustration of sonoran desert plants and animals in fold-out panorama

Sonoran desert panorama: 4-page fold-out painting


illustration of Gila woodpeckers looking out of their saguaro hole at a saguaro landscape

Gila woodpeckers look out of their nest in a saguaro cactus


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