Corn’s Journey

I designed these maps for a chapter on Native American culture for National Geographic School Publishing. The map of corn migration shows the gradual historical spread of corn from where it was first domesticated from wild relatives into North and South America, becoming a staple of these cultures.

The other map shows the regions occupied by various native cultures when the Spaniards first appeared in the Americas. I always enjoy learning little bits and pieces of knowledge from working on these kinds of projects.

illustration of Corns journey2 Corns Journey

The historical journey of corn

illustration of Cultures map2 Corns Journey

Native American indigenous cultures map

illustration of pf button Corns Journey


  1. Regional Areas of North American Indians – ANTHROBLOGS
    November 15, 2016

    […] This Cultural map was created by Paul Mirocha. He is an artist who designs, and illustrates pictures that have appeared in adult books, exhibits, magazines, advertisements and school books for history and etc. The Hyper link takes you to his original website where he has designed two different maps for National Geographic School Publishing. I could not find the map I want to use on a separate page so both of them are on the page, the first map represents the corn migration through North and South America. The second map displays the different regions of Native American Cultures. I picked this map because it shows the cultural regions and the names of the tribes within those regions. I do think there are some tribes missing and not all of them are on this map, but it is still useful for anyone who is looking for a specific tribe and region. […]

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    July 2, 2015



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