A New War on Bugs

Bayer Corporation's professional grade pest-control products are well known for their conservative packaging, especially in their European market. The insects on these traditional branded labels, if they showed a picture at all, were simple black and white silhouettes. This year I had the opportunity to work with their designer on a new look featuring full color illustrations of the doomed bug.

illustration of Fly mirocha A New War on Bugs

Paul’s house fly illustration for new Bayer industrial strength packaging

illustration of Maxforce Fly Spot Bait final flat A New War on Bugs

Old Bayer Professional Division Fly Bait label: nothing fancy or frilly here.

New package design with comp of fly from Bayer. This is what I worked from. The layout is fine, but the fly photo they approved for the comp was definitely the wrong species. The result is Musca domesticus all right, but science or no science, everyone sees it a little bit subjectively. And there is individual variation in flies. The idea is to illustrate the species as it is seen in the imagination of the consumer purchasing the product.

illustration of Fly A New War on Bugs

Bayer’s comprehensensive layout for the house fly label. You can see that they used the wrong fly species. They specified a house fly, but showed a blue-bottle fly for position in the layout. In addition, they decided not to let the fly go over the circle border.


illustration of Fly comp pauls fly 1024x461 A New War on Bugs

New Bayer package label featuring Paul’s fly painting.

illustration of pf button A New War on Bugs

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