Desert Flavors

Pencil Illustrations for Desert Terroir: Exploring the Unique Flavors and Sundry Places of the Borderlands, by Gary Paul Nabhan, published by the University of Texas Press in Austin.

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illustration of oregano1 Desert Flavors

Mexican wild oregano

illustration of desert communion1 Desert Flavors
Scavengers have to eat too: Turkey vulture, Black vulture, Raven
illustration of corvina ceviche1 Desert Flavors

Mexican coyboys turned fishermen of endan­gered species

illustration of corriente1 Desert Flavors

Corriente: the original heirloom Spanish cow

illustration of camel Desert Flavors

Are there really camels in the North American deserts?

illustration of big bend1 Desert Flavors

Fishing for Big Bend catfish

illustration of 6 baja capirotada1 Desert Flavors

Date palm and boojum trees

illustration of 1 mesquite tortillas1 Desert Flavors

Making mesquite flour tortillas

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