This work was for a section in a text book on extinct animals for National Geographic School Publishing. It was for second graders, explaining about how animals go extinct and how we can find out about them through fossils, or through historical records, in the case of the dodo and silphium plant. I thought they would enjoy the detail.

illustration of fossils Fossils

An allosaurus, wolly mamoth, and sabre-tooth cat

illustration of dodo sylphium Fossils

The extinct dodo bird and sylphium plant

illustration of fossils layout Fossils

The layout given me by the designer to work from.

I thought  this layout was cute, so I included it above.

illustration of p11 tar pit2 1024x890 Fossils

sabre-tooth cat stuck in tar pit

illustration of iguanadon 1024x977 Fossils

iguanadon leaving footprints that can become fossils

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