Make Way for Monarchs

Monarch Butterflies: they are so common, we take them for granted. It's hard to think of them as endangered, but they are. Read more.

I designed and illustrated this poster for as part of a national campaign to encourage people to not only protect, but actually plant milkweeds. You can download your own printable copy below the image.

The idea behind the poster design is to connect monarchs with milkweeds in the minds of people from government officials, to farmers, to people maintaining their yards, to school kids. Almost anyone. People often don't realize the connections between butterflies and their host plants, which may be what they call weeds. But it's the key yo their long-term survival.

make-way-for-monarchs_poster_Paul Mirocha

Download your own free Make Way for Monarchs poster. It’s a pdf designed to print for about a dollar at any quick printer, like kinkos or Officemax,  with a laser printer. The image is 12 x 18 inches. Ask the printer to trim it down to have it bleed to the edges of the paper.


More recently I made a new English/Spanish set of posters for use in Mexico.

Make way for monarchs-english and spanish posters

New English and Spanish versions (Click to enlarge)

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