Make Way for Monarchs

A poster for school kids involved in planting milkweeds--the single food plant that monarchs depend on to reproduce. Unfortunately, Milkweed has the word "weed" as part of its common name and is being cleared by overuse of chemical herbicides like Roundup.

I created the scratchboard illustration of a Monarch butterfly for the Make way for Monarchs campaign. There will be color versions in the future, but I designed these white papers and calls for action for the lowest common denominator: newspaper print, office ink jet printers, and copiers.

This national campaign seeks to educate people about the overuse of herbicides like Roundup, which is wiping out the Milkweed plants that Monarch butterflies depend on.

Make Way for Monarchs poster

Make way for monarchs poster

pen and ink illustration of monarch butterflywinged-credo. A call to action for pollinator declines

Metamorphosis, essay by Gary Nabhan

Metamorphosis, by Gary Nabhan: Read the whole 3-page article in pdf form.

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  1. Ana in Awe
    November 20, 2014

    Greetings Paul, I also am passionate about monarchs. Thank you for your outstanding work. Your migration map is my number one choice of all those to be found on the internet.

    I am currently working on an education program/outreach I am calling Voices of The Monarchy. I am wondering if I may call on your art skills. I desire to (way more than I will overload you with) create costumes for preschool and ele ages. One tool which would aid me in speed and realism in producing multiple costumes is an extra large stencil. It is my opinion your art can aid me in rendering such a stencil. In investigation what is involved in rendering a vector image I have learned starting from a photograph is super labor intensive. It is my inexperienced opinion that drawings with clean lines are much more desirable.

    I am currently working on a proto type of each costume I have in mind and can send photos soon.

    Even without all I desire to include the program offered to Delta Colorado preschool met with rave reviews. 180 captivated children ages 3-5. The staff loved everything I currently had ready to offer. Paonia ele school hosted a lobby display I tended and Mrs Simpsons second-grade class invited me with open arm each Tuesday and Thursday week after week all autumn long. In addition educational displays were welcomed all over town. I desire to offer much much more and in exquisite detail. May I call upon you for talent, skill and time? My number one goal this winter is to invite creative partnerships. I see this being much larger than what one woman in one small county can achieve.

    and Thanks for considering my request


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