Poetics and Politics

During the planning meeting for the promotion of the poetry reading series by American Indian authors, I was fascinated, listening to poet Ofelia Zepeda, one of the readers and also an organizer tell stories.

When she was growing up on the Tohono O'odham reservation the government put in a water spigot for her village. People distrusted it—they were used to getting their water from natural places, ultimately derived from rainfall. Rain was part of their culture and spirituality. Poems and songs were used to call in the summer monsoon rains that life depended on. Even recently, Ofelia has interviewed older O'odham people who will only drink rain water.

Looking for an image that evoked poetic incongruities between cultures, we came up with this water bottle idea in that meeting. As I walked outside afterwards, I noticed a huge thunderhead cloud growing overhead from an approaching monsoon storm. It was perfect. I wove both images together into the illustration to symbolize the reading series.

photo collage Illustration by Paul Mirocha

This is the post card version of the poster: 4 x 9 inches.

poster design for poetics and politics poetry reading, by Paul Mirocha

This is the poster and flyer design. A limited edition of 50 large 15 x 30 inch posters will be signed and sold at the events.


3d model of watter bottle by Paul Mirocha

I created the water bottle as a 3d model and incorporated it into the collage of the illustration.


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