Poland in 1939

The original title of the first map was Poland in 1939. It had a certain ominous ring to it. These maps of Poland's shifting borders during the period of World War 2 put this tragic and extremely complex situation into a context than can be understood as a whole.

There is a kind of zen to map design which is deceptively difficult to do—the information that is most important must be clear and simple to understand at without losing any of it's complexity. I approached this with careful attention to information architecture in long discussions with the author, carried into the typography and line work. 2014, Harvard University Press.

A good meditation is to read the names of the towns aloud.

Map of Poland's shifting borders1937-1946

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German-occupied Poland 1940, map by Paul Mirocha

Poland and the recovered lands in1945, map by Paul Mirocha

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