Quaker Oatmeal

When the Downtown Partners agency in Toronto called me, they had already tried photography, but could not get the appetizing look they wanted for an ad for Quaker's new line of wild berry oatmeal. The client wanted a "photographic" look, but had a list of elements they wanted to emphasize and also give an element of fantasy--how an appealing bowl of oatmeal should look in the viewers mind if they closed their eyes.

The agency asked me to do a super-realistic digital painting of the oatmeal and combined it with the more whimsical bicycle image by illustrator Katy Dockrill. Although I had never met Katy, it was a delicious and healthy collaboration.

illustration of bowl of Quaker mixed berry oatmeal

printed quaker oats ad featuring Paul Mirocha's illustration of a bowl of oatmeal

The printed ad

The final ad is interesting for its successful use of two illustrators with very contrasting styles.

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