Sweet and Hot

Cave men didn't have cameras, so Caveman Foods wanted the art for the Chicken Primal Bars to look hand painted, yet realistic so it showed off the sizzling taste of the ingredients.

The product must have been a challenge to make--they contain chicken meat somehow hermetically sealed into their wrappers. No one really knows what cave men ate, so it was a chance to be creative: blueberry-pepper chicken, sweet chili chicken, smoked-cherry chicken, al adventurous tastes. The small bars had the taste of a large meal.


Caveman Foods: Chicken Primal Bars

illustration of peppers horizontal Sweet and Hot

Illustration of sweet peppers for Chicken Primal Bar package

illustration of Product Primal SamplePack 5681e18a 9944 499c b6a3 0c8bfc4495e4 1024x1024 Sweet and Hot

Cave Man Chicken Primal Bar with illus­tra­tions by Paul Mirocha

illustration of Primal Bar Caddy Chicken Smoked Jalapeno no bg 1024x1024 Sweet and Hot

Caddy box for caveman Primal Bites

illustration of 12 ct Primal Bar BBP comments pm 923x1024 Sweet and Hot

Printed Die Cut package for Blueberry-Pepper Chicken Primal Bar with blue instruc­tions for where the art goes.


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