The Garden of Mr Who?

Cover and sample page art from Mr. Goethe's Garden by Diana Cohn, published by Bell Pond Books, 2003.

It's unfortunate that his name is unpronounceable in English, but Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was an important man in Germany. A genius, and among his talents was botany and painting. In this delightfully deep picture book, the historical Goethe befriends a young fictional girl and explains to her his theory of plants, which turns out to be a theory of everything.

I used a unique approach to media in these illustrations. To emphasize the contrast between the world outside and the garden, I used digital painting and watercolor, sometimes blending them into the same page.

This book is dear to my heart, as I had the opportunity to travel to Goethe's garden house with the book's author and draw on site in Mr. Goethe's garden myself.

title page for mr goethes garden

title page Mr Goethes Garden

Title page from Mr Goethes Garden

art from Mr. Goethe's Garden

Mr. Goethe painting in his garden

Watercolor painting of Mr goethe's garden gate



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