Tucson in 1810: An Historic Reconstruction

This project, done for the Arizona State Museum with a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council, was the first part of a plan to revitalize the site of Tucson's birthplace, a landfill at the time, and develop it for cultural tourism. Using information from archeologists and historians, the plan was to rebuild the old mission garden, which had disappeared without a trace.

I painted a visualization from all of these sources of what the Tucson valley and mission complex probably looked like in 1810. The map of the Mission Garden will guide visitors through the sections growing ancient and historic crops from different eras.

Tucson in 1810

The Tucson valley and historic mission garden from sentinal peak.

Vistors map of the Mission Garden

Vistors map of the Mission Garden featuring historic fruits and vegetables grown in different periods

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  1. Michael
    February 23, 2012

    Very nice, and reminiscent of the late Juan O’Gorman 🙂


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