Baja Arizona

As the text states, it’s a territory of the imagination, but it exists and has it’s own constraints. I consulted with many people in different fields to define this region. The map was created for the startup regional magazine Baja Arizona Magazine: Food, Landscapes, and People of the Arizona Borderlands. The goal is to delineate … Read More

What Desert Dwellers Know

  THE ORIGINAL INSPIRATION for the Sonoran Desert Mandala came from some of the prehistoric petroglyphs found on rocks in the Tucson area. Artists are always stealing from each other and this case was no different. I had started making this spiral collage by scanning objects picked up in the Sonoran Desert–both human and natural. … Read More

Make Way for Monarchs Poster

Download your own free Make Way for Monarchs poster. It’s a pdf designed to print for about a dollar at any quick printer, like kinkos or Officemax, with a laser printer. The image is 12 x 18 inches. Ask the printer to trim it down to have it bleed to the edges of the paper. … Read More

MilkWeed editions

Milkweed Editions is a nonprofit publisher of literature for adults and young adults based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.