Baja Arizona

As the text states, it’s a territory of the imagination, but it exists and has it’s own constraints. I consulted with many people in different fields to define this region. The map was created for the startup regional magazine Baja Arizona Magazine: Food, Landscapes, and People of the Arizona Borderlands. The goal is to delineate … Read More

Non Point Source Water Pollution

Non Point-Source water pollution     Your feet pound the pavement as you dash through the rain. You glance down and notice pieces of trash flowing beside the road. Where does all that trash come from? Experts call this nonpoint source pollution (NPS) because it comes from many diffuse sources. Types of NPS include dirt, … Read More

Where do Monarch Butterflies Go?

Almost anyone can identify a monarch butterfly, even if they didn’t pay attention in biology class. They are part of normal life. But how many people know they are endangered? Common as milkweeds, we all notice them, and take as a fact of life that monarchs will show up every summer. Yet, there is more … Read More