Too Cute to Kill?

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illustration of corrys original Too Cute to Kill?

Corry’s original package design

Corry’s Snail and Bug Death comes in a package that has been around since the 1930s and has a lot of brand recog­ni­tion. When Corry’s asked Ron Rifkin of The Design Office in Oakland to update the classic design, he decided the illus­tra­tion needed some help too. Still, it was very impor­tant that loyal customers have no problem identi­fying the redesign of their trusted brand. We had to improve and update it without changing the basic face of the package.

Ron showed me the compe­ti­tion on the shelf. I did a pencil sketch using his undated package.

illustration of andro competition Too Cute to Kill?illustration of corrys sketch Too Cute to Kill?  

Paul’s sketch for the new package design

This is my final painting.

illustration of snail F painterly Too Cute to Kill?

Paul Mirocha’s painting for new Corry’s package

illustration of finalPackage Too Cute to Kill?

Final new package on the shelf

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