1-10 seconds.
That’s how long visitors will spend deciding whether to stay on your web site or move on.*
It is my business to know what those people are thinking.



Usability & User Research

It’s detective work to understand your customers’ behaviors, needs, and motivations. How will they interact with your product?

Content Strategy

Content is what visitors come to you for. Do you know where it all is? What tone of voice will you use to speak to them?

Information Architecture

How people find things and know where they are in an information environment. It should be easy. It can easily become a mess.

Visual Design

What things look and feel like. This rests on the invisible structure created by the previous three activities. I’ll start by sketching out as many ideas as I can with a pencil.

tumamoca app screen on iphone
Mobile app strategy case study

* Jacob Nielsen, How long do users stay on web pages?