UI design for STEM game on ipad

usability test: choosing half and half topping

Ordering a pizza online: the movie

Content inventory and assesment

Landing page process

home page

Home pages

The Sonoran Desert: A literary Field Guide cover

Sonoran Desert: A Literary Field Guide

Nature guides have become a commodity based on a common formula. This one seeks to change that, featuring a poem by a different writer for each species.

on the go - merchant payments sample page

Merchant payments processing web site

After researching the industry, I wanted to cut through all the technical jargon that was so common on merchant payments sites.

screen flow diagram for mobile app

Screen flows for Tumamoc Tour app

This is a combination flow diagram and enhanced wireframes. This is what we gave the developers to do the programing.

New site map used to create the wireframes

Upper Sandusky Public Library

This study used an information architecture analysis, user interviews, and remote usability studies to create a new organization for the libraries holdings based on what visitors most wanted to find online.

The Reason for Flowers: Their History, Culture, Biology, and How They Change Our Lives. illustration by Paul Mirocha

Flower anatomy

Pencil illustration by Paul Mirocha of a stargazer lily showing typical flower anatomy.

the crystal goblet, after beatrice warde

Content strategy diagram

I believe the wine-taster's goblet as a metaphor for clarity in design is even more relevant today as it was for typographer Beatrice Warde in 1930.

Non-point-source water pollution

Water in the environment

Infographics explaining complex issues within the water cycle to a non-scientific visitor.

site map


That’s one of the problems throughout the site: it takes a bit of work to find out what each thingamajig, gizmo, widget, or doohickey does.