What I do

Illustrations for adver­tising and product packaging: Super-realistic digital paint­ings that compete with photographs in detail, especially good for hard to photo­graph subjects like food. I use all digital technology that is avail­able, but prefer to keep the final work looking like a tradi­tional painting in the viewer’s mind.

Children’s book illus­tra­tion: Realistic illus­tra­tion with person­ality, that helps a young reader learn while becoming absorbed in a story. I’ve also created art for children’s products like pop-up books, games, and toys.

Interpretive exhibits: Besides producing accurate and attrac­tive art for inter­pre­tive exhibits, I can provide graphic design, graphic panel digital file prepa­ra­tion, and oversee printing in a variety of signage media. I’ve also served as a consul­tant for exhibit design devel­op­ment and testing.

Maps and infographics: Finding your way through a well designed map is like walking through a zen garden. A map can convey an integrated under­standing of an impos­sibly complex subject like no other type of image. I can do that.

Illustrations for educa­tional publishing: Highly detailed images for text books and corpo­rate commu­ni­ca­tions that make compli­cated subjects easy to under­stand for both kids and adults. In fact, if kids can under­stand it, usually the adults can too.

Web design: I write html5/​CSS3; have a Masters degree in User Experience design (UX); use WordPress to develop sites.

Graphic design: I can’t do every­thing, but I do have a couple of decades of experi­ence as a graphic designer for print media. I’m good with covers, typog­raphy, edito­rial layout, posters, and monitoring printing produc­tion. Samples are provided upon request. See a min-portfolio.

Photography: Landscapes, Sonoran Desert subjects, interior and archi­tec­tural. Samples are provided upon request. see a portfolio at paulmirocha​.com/​photography

I often combine all these skills on a single project.

A link to Paul’s Resume