ARTe: Digital and Art, is a half hour documentary produced by Sooyoen Lee of Arizona Public Media, a PBS station associated with the University of Arizona. The video interviews photographer Jack Dykinga, illustrator Paul Mirocha, two filmmakers, and a poet, asking them how the digital revolution has changed their approach to their chosen media.

Sooyeon, with her cameraman and soundman, came to my studio in June 2009 and spent four hours there.

We talked about the factors affecting the evolution from traditional paints on paper to digital media for me and many other illustrators. I showed them some of my old traditional paintings, and compared them to how I work now on a 30 inch LCD screen. These guys are good at what they do, and I enjoyed our chat, even though I was hard-pressed at the time with meeting some deadlines and about to leave on a trip.

The program first aired on KUAT TV on Monday, September 1, 2009.

You can view Paul Mirocha’s segment by itself here.

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