cover art: Amazing Armadillos
Cover art

Well, consider this:

  • Can you jump three times your body height, straight up into the air?
  • Can you roll into a ball to protect yourself from a mean dog?
  • Can you walk under water on the bottom of a stream while holding your breath for ten minutes?
  • Can you dig a hole in the ground fast enough to escape from a wild cat?
  • Can you eat fire ants with your tongue?
  • Can you smell worms under the ground, find them, and would you eat them?
If you could do these things, you would be amazing too, just like an armadillo. You could always write your name with an exclamation mark after it, like this: Armadillo! If you want to know more, especially if you are just learning how to read, Amazing Armadillos! by Jennifer Mckerly and illustrated by Paul Mirocha, new from Random House, is a book for you.

Amazing Armadillos! tells the story of a few months in the life an armadillo. She always seems to be alone, until the end if the story. You’ll see, I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s apparently not easy being an armadillo and the world is dangerous. Every other creature seems to be after her. Even a mean human tried to attack her with a broom, and lets his dog chase her. Fortunately, the armadillo seems to be unfazed by all this, and goes about doing what armadillos do. If you want to know more about what that is, read this book.
Don’t just look at the pictures.
New dangers come to the armadillo.


Oh no! A broom and a bad dog.
The armadillo hides in a prickly bush
The armadillo hides in a prickly bush

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