Do you have questions about bats? If not, you will after reading this new book by Rose Hauk, published by Western National Parks Association, illustrated by Paul Mirocha.

Basic bat anatomy: so you know how to ask a good question.



I have made a lot of scientific illustrations and I’m always looking for a new or better way to make an idea easier to understand. In this case, as usual, we did some searches for other similar diagrams so I could make them better than anything that had been done on the subject so far. I also decided to give thesubjects some personality, even though they are just describing a technical concept. I paid attention teh the expressions on the faces.

The author and publisher noticed.

A comparison of arm bones in humans, birds, and bats

Bat radar is a common enough subject and there are probably hundreds of variations of this diagram. I decided to make it more realistic and more detailed, using 3d models integrated into a digital painting.

How bat radar can tell if something is stationary, coming towards them, or moving away from them.


  • Dear Paul,

    I am a co-founder of, Trinibats, an education, conservation, and research oriented group studying the bats of Trinidad and Tobago. Aside from our website,, we also manage a popular facebook page, Trinibats.

    I am currently working on a publication about Trinidad’s bats, and your illustrations would be perfect for a section I am planning for the Introduction.

    Is this something we can talk about?

    Best regards,
    Geoffrey Gomes
    IUCN Bat Specialist

  • Hi there Paul
    Thanks so much for your website!! Just searching for children – bat anatomy – simple and clear – thanks so much!! Ready for bat talks!
    Adelaide Bat Care

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