From Mr. Goethe: Quote of the day

September 4, 2009By PaulChildren's books, Paul's sketchbook

Gate at Goethe’s Gartenhaus, watercolor by Paul Mirocha, Weimar, 2002 I was going over my travel journals recently and found the one from the trip I made to Weimar, Germany in August 2002. I was there with author, Diana Cohn, to research the art for her picture book, Mr. Goethe’s Garden. This book tells the … Read More

A Television Interview with Paul

September 2, 2009By PaulNews, video

ARTe: Digital and Art, is a half hour documentary produced by Sooyoen Lee of Arizona Public Media, a PBS station associated with the University of Arizona. The video interviews photographer Jack Dykinga, illustrator Paul Mirocha, two filmmakers, and a poet, asking them how the digital revolution has changed their approach to their chosen media. Sooyeon, … Read More

The Art of Business Thinking 2: Branding

August 20, 2009By PaulNews, The Art of Business

  A slide talk presented to the annual meeting of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators in Fort Kent, Maine, July 7, 2009. This is part of an ongoing series on business development for artists and illustrators. My premise in this series of slide talks is: 1. that an artist can design a business based … Read More

The Vendor Client relationship: a Video

August 9, 2009By PaulThe Art of Business

We shape clay into a pot but it is the emptiness inside that holds what we want. –Tao Te Ching (translated by Stephen Mitchel) THIS VIDEO, called “The Vendor Client Relationship–in Real World Situations”, has been going around the illustration forums and blogs recently. Produced by Scofield Editorial in Indianapolis, it has gone “viral” and … Read More

This one is really "IT"

August 3, 2009By PaulNews

IT WAS ONE HOT DAY IN 1928 at San Francisco’s Playland-at-the-Beach, and ice cream seller George Whitney had an idea. He put a scoop of vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies, squashed it down, and dipped it all in dark chocolate. He didn’t know what to call it, so he just said “It’s it”. … Read More

Can Reality be whimsical?

May 13, 2009By PaulNews

Reality is in the eye of the beholder. It’s whatever you see out there. That subtle subjective factor is what makes drawing and sketching from life both profound and pleasurable. And it can be subtly tweaked in a painting, while maintaining the illusion of objectivity.Realism in art is not just a matter of technical skill, … Read More

The Story of Hitam Manis: the Origins of the Bees

May 13, 2009By PaulChildren's books

A reading from The Bee Tree. Turn the lights down low…. AFTER sunset, all of the honey hunters gather around Grandfather while he tells the traditional story of the bees. LONG AGO, a beautiful servant girl named Hitam Manis worked in the Sultan’s palace. She and the Sultan’s son fell in love. He called her … Read More

Questions About Coyotes?

May 12, 2009By PaulNews

Everybody has them. Don’t be afraid to ask. And you won’t have to ask if you just get this new book, appropriately titled, Frequently Asked Questions About Coyotes. It’s published by the Western National Parks Association and Illustrated by Paul Mirocha. FAQ Coyotes won a 2009 media award for publications by the Association for Partner in Public Lands. … Read More

The Strange Case of the Rorschach Ladybug

May 9, 2009By PaulNews

ONE OF THE LESSER-KNOWN MYSTERIES OF SCIENCE is Cocinella psychoanalytica, order Coleoptera, family Coccinellidae, commonly called the rorschach ladybug. Why would such a common insect be absent from the entomological literature until recently. It is impossible that no one had noticed it before now since it is actually quite common in it’s range–all of temperate North America east of the Mississippi River. This attractive beetle … Read More

The Mexican Hot Dog

May 5, 2009By PaulNews

  What could be more all-American than the hot dog? The Mexican hot dog? This recent import from south of the border may have improved upon that icon of American cuisine. There’s even a new Spanish word for a street-vendor of the Mexican hot dog: hotdoguero. Hot dog historians argue, local chefs dispute how to … Read More

A Black Mamo’s Story

May 5, 2009By PaulChildren's books

FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS, life was sweet for us black mamos. We lived like everyone else on Hawaii, taking it easy, hanging loose. We did what we had evolved to do: sip sweet nectar from curved, tubular and very abundant Lobelia flowers with our sickle-shaped bills. We weren’t pretty, but that was fine with us. … Read More

Animals Sell GPS Navigation

May 5, 2009By PaulNews

Hi-tech follows nature in ad series For this series of ads for Trimble Navigation, the art director wanted to create a 19th century science illustration feel in comparing these talented animals to these hi-tech global positioning devises.

Small Wonder

May 5, 2009By PaulNews

It was a privelidge to collaborate directly with Barbara, the author, to create this cover image for the first hard-cover edition of her book, Small Wonder. It was also unusual for an author to be involved as, almost, an art director for her own book, but that’s how involved she liked to be. I met with her … Read More

Sympathy for Artist’s Spouses

May 5, 2009By Paulphotography

A bus stop in Seattle, “Who am I? What do I really want?Why is my dad always trying to take pictures of me?“ Seattle: a Father/Daughter Trip  Last week my daughter and I went on a 2-night trip to Seattle. For reasons I won’t go into, it was an eleventh-hour visit to UW, one of … Read More

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

April 28, 2009By Paulphotography

“What you doin’ here?”“I’m, uh, taking some photographs.”“What for?”“I’m a photographer.” That was my first conversation last Sunday morning, April 26, 2009. It was the last Sunday in April, and therefore it was also Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. I was at a drive in theater with my Holga super-wide panoramic pinhole camera, exploring what I … Read More

A Place in the Web of Life

April 28, 2009By PaulNews

Perhaps this is the most difficult subject to ilustrate: DEATH. Especially that of an elkwith all that good meat going to the coyotes. But, in fact, individual death enables life in general to continue. Here’s the actual specs I got from the editors of Bugle Magazine:Illustration 1 – late fall scene – dried grasses, fallen leaves, perhaps a … Read More

Medicinal Herbs Go Main Stream

April 28, 2009By PaulNews

This article in a mainstream medical journal outlines ways doctors can use simple centuries old remedies from nature for the common “tummy-ache”. As the article says, most of these complaints are caused by the stresses of growing up and may be eased in simple ways before resorting to expensive tests. After all, chamomile worked for … Read More

Wild Berry Quaker Oats

April 27, 2009By PaulNews

When Quaker Oats wanted to promote their new wild berry flavors, they first hired food photographers, but  the photographs of the bowl of oatmeal just did not do the trick. The ad agency called on me to do a super-realistic digital painting of the oatmeal and montaged it with the more whimsical bicycle image by illustrator Katy … Read More

Malaysia Sketchbooks

April 21, 2009By PaulPaul's sketchbook

I created this online sketchbook after my second trip to the Malaysian rain forest at Pedu Lake in the northern state of Kedah in 1999. Click on the image above to open it. The clearing where the great bee tree stands is like the “Grand Central Station” of the forest. It’s a hub of activity. It’s where … Read More