Make Way for Monarchs

March 13, 2014By PaulDrawing, Graphic design, News, Recent projects

  Color is pretty, but usability is even better. Even in this highly technological age of rich media, there is a place for the simplicity of pen and ink. I created this scratchboard-style illustration of a Monarch butterfly for the Make way for Monarchs campaign. There will be color versions in the future, but I … Read More

Drawing is Seeing

April 6, 2013By PaulDrawing, News, Teaching

I spent the last week of March in Prescott, Arizona, as artist in residence at Skyview, a unique charter school based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. That means every student takes art and music. I call my workshop Drawing is Seeing. The title states my approach in simple terms. Drawing helps us observe things around … Read More

Plant Folklore broadside set resurrected

May 3, 2011By PaulDrawing, News, Posters

Singing Down Roots: Plant Folklore of the Sonoran Desertis a set of limited edition broadsides originally commissioned by the Arizona Humanities Council as part of a traveling exhibit on desert plants as characters in oral traditions of Southwestern Indian Tribes. Originally published in 1991, there are but a handful of these posters left.All are 22 … Read More

Back to Drawing 101: Beginner’s Mind

February 12, 2010By PaulDrawing

I WAS SITTING AT MY COMPUTER a few days ago, as the machine rendered out a 3d scene. I was on a deadline–I’d be up most of the coming night– but I just sat, did nothing, and watched it create a “painting” pixel by pixel. It was a large scene and would take about an hour to … Read More