What noodles look like after studying zen

October 14, 2016By PaulNews, Packaging illustration

Photography or Illustration? Choosing illustration vs photography is a fundamental decision when thinking out a new food packaging design. Sometimes you want to use illustration because your competitors are using photography. Illustration can add an element of fantasy, depicting the taste as it exists in the imagination of the consumer. A painting can also add a precious and … Read More

What do Cave Men Eat?

October 19, 2015By PaulNews, Packaging illustration, Recent projects

Up until early 2015, cave men ate this: Then the CaveMan brand nutrition bars evolved a bit, they got a new logo, and substituted a photograph for the see-through window. But the packaging was still not quite working. The bars were actually really good once you opened one and bit into it, but they didn’t photograph well. The … Read More

A Good, Clean Splash

February 5, 2013By PaulNews, Packaging illustration, Recent projects

Twinlab is a major manufacturer and marketer of sports nutrition products. Responding to an evolving market, the brand managers decided that the next generation of nutritional drinks would need to be for the mass market, appealing to both women and men, and be free of all artificial flavors, colorings, sweeteners, and questionable or banned substances. … Read More