Small Wonder

May 5, 2009By PaulNews

It was a privelidge to collaborate directly with Barbara, the author, to create this cover image for the first hard-cover edition of her book, Small Wonder. It was also unusual for an author to be involved as, almost, an art director for her own book, but that’s how involved she liked to be. I met with her … Read More

A Place in the Web of Life

April 28, 2009By PaulNews

Perhaps this is the most difficult subject to ilustrate: DEATH. Especially that of an elkwith all that good meat going to the coyotes. But, in fact, individual death enables life in general to continue. Here’s the actual specs I got from the editors of Bugle Magazine:Illustration 1 – late fall scene – dried grasses, fallen leaves, perhaps a … Read More

Medicinal Herbs Go Main Stream

April 28, 2009By PaulNews

This article in a mainstream medical journal outlines ways doctors can use simple centuries old remedies from nature for the common “tummy-ache”. As the article says, most of these complaints are caused by the stresses of growing up and may be eased in simple ways before resorting to expensive tests. After all, chamomile worked for … Read More

Wild Berry Quaker Oats

April 27, 2009By PaulNews

When Quaker Oats wanted to promote their new wild berry flavors, they first hired food photographers, but  the photographs of the bowl of oatmeal just did not do the trick. The ad agency called on me to do a super-realistic digital painting of the oatmeal and montaged it with the more whimsical bicycle image by illustrator Katy … Read More

A Giant Saguaro Poster

April 6, 2009By PaulNews

View the Saguaro poster in detail. This 6 foot tall poster, illustrated by Paul Mirocha and designed by Campana Design for the National Park System, is a height chart for kids. However, it also makes a great design statement for almost any decor. I can’t define that design statement except to say that the saguaro definitely … Read More

Toss Your Cookies

April 1, 2009By PaulNews

Paul’s llustrations for “Toss Your Cookies”, a new award-winning game by Gamewright. At, where “real men play board games,” game industry reviewer Tom Vasel had this to say about “Toss Your Cookies”: With wonderful drawings and terrific, sturdy components, Toss Your Cookies is a nice variant on the game idea introduced in the public domain “spoons”. Players are … Read More

Tucson Origins: Cultural Heritage Tourism

April 1, 2009By PaulNews

Tucson in 1810: an imaginary view from Sentinel Peak (click image for detail) This project was an illustrated interpretive guide for the San Agustín Mission Garden reconstruction in the Tucson Origins Heritage Park. The challenge was this: nothing exists of the former buildings and garden–the area has been a landfill for decades. My painting of … Read More