Coyote Shit: A Philosophical Perspective

March 5, 2010By PaulThe Art of Business

Taken out of context, the slide of the coyote feces on my slide talk, The Art of Business Thinking 1,  might seem like a random act of image-slinging for simple shock value. Well, maybe that slide was dog poop. But let me explain. The subject has to do with ridding ourselves of ideas, beliefs, or viewpoints–the ones … Read More

The Art of Business Thinking 2: Branding

August 20, 2009By PaulNews, The Art of Business

  A slide talk presented to the annual meeting of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators in Fort Kent, Maine, July 7, 2009. This is part of an ongoing series on business development for artists and illustrators. My premise in this series of slide talks is: 1. that an artist can design a business based … Read More

The Vendor Client relationship: a Video

August 9, 2009By PaulThe Art of Business

We shape clay into a pot but it is the emptiness inside that holds what we want. –Tao Te Ching (translated by Stephen Mitchel) THIS VIDEO, called “The Vendor Client Relationship–in Real World Situations”, has been going around the illustration forums and blogs recently. Produced by Scofield Editorial in Indianapolis, it has gone “viral” and … Read More

The Art of Business Thinking

September 4, 2008By PaulThe Art of Business

A slide presentation given by Paul Mirocha for the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators International meetingin Ithaca, New York, July, 2008.  …. Introduction: Why think about business? If you’ve ever sold a piece of your art, you’re in the Art Business. That may be a little uncomfortable at first, even represent a fundamental paradigm shift, … Read More