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Drucker labs use a lot of high-tech science to produce their organic nutritional supplements. But laboratory glassware is just not appealing to the customer thinking about what’s for dinner.

They had the science down, now for the organic part. To begin the redesign of their branding, Drucker started with the exhibit to be shown at their trade show last January.

Here is what they had from previous years:

Yea, it’s cool maybe yo a scientist, but it needed to change. People did not respond to it, unless the were doctors or organic chemists.

Here is where it all begins. A client’s scribble, but it contains a lot:

Client’s concept sketch.
Paul’s first sketch was well liked, but didn’t allow for the table of product samples to be in front of the display.
This second sketch by Paul was approved to go.

The new design featuring a layout and digital painting by Paul Mirocha, made everyone happy, both doctors and the cleaning lady, as the new year rolled in.

To quote the client’s new years note,

I hope your New Year is getting off to a great start!

Just wanted to write you both and congratulate Paul and an AMAZING job with his artwork!!! I picked up the piece from the printer yesterday and they were completely blown away at the piece. I attached a picture so you can see it set up.

I could have not done this without your hard work and EXTREME patience!

(I left out some of the exclamation points)

Paul says, “This was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on because of its size and complexity. It was on a tight schedule and there was intensive back and forth communication and production of sketches for each new version. That’s fairly normal, although this one took a lot of talking.

The hard part is that the final painting was to be 7.5 x 12 feet. The largest painting I’ve ever worked on. And since it was happening over the holidays, I was in a little room at my relative’s house in California working on a laptop for most of the holiday festivities! The working file was well over a gigabyte and it was so slow! My immediate family decided to celebrate Christmas on Three Kings Day, January 6, like they do in teh Eastern Ortodox Church. That may become a tradition. It’s a much more relaxing time anyways.

Not wanting to repeat that process,  I bought a new (semi-portable) top of the line 27 inch iMac in January, which served me well when I had to travel again in February and march, working in Lexington, Kentucky for  seven weeks while my wife, Christina, went through a science study for a new stroke therapy.

It’s an artist’s dream to work on that machine. All I need now is a table, a chair, and a quiet place to work. My whole digital life’s work in on that machine now.

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