Cactus Beetle


The Cactus longhorn beetle of the Sonoran Desert. A digitized traditional painting printed on fine art paper. Image area is 10 x 13 inches on a 14 x 18 sheet.



The Cactus longhorn beetle (Moneilema gigas) is a common Sonoran Desert dweller. They inspire interest. They are slow and lumbering as they walk, when you pick one up–it squeaks. Their confidence comes from their body shape which mimics the stinkbug, or Pinacate beetle. Nobody will pick that one up twice.

I had collected this one and placed it in a terrarium with a prickly pear pad for comfort. The next morning when I went to draw it, the beetle had eaten a rounded window out of the pad. I credit him with the idea for this composition. The original was created with acrylic paint, colored pencil, and carbon dust, an odd combination of media I was experimenting with.

This digital version is printed on fine art paper with a generous border and signed.

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Dimensions 14 × 18 in


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