The Clan Resting, Moonrise


From Moon of the Wild Pigs

by Jean Craighead George


An archival print on fine art paper from original pastel and colored pencil art. Paper: 11 x 14, image size 9 x 12. Signed by the artist.


From Moon of the Wild Pigs, by Jean Craighead George

The Moon or the Wild Pigs is part of a deluxe edition of the Thirteen Moons series by Newberry Award winning young adult author, Jean Craighead George, illustrated by Paul Mirocha. This book takes place during one day in the life of a young javelina (or pecary) in the hot month of July in the Sonoran Desert. After being welcomed into his clan by the old boar, he explores the landscape and meets fellow desert inhabitants, experiencing the beauty and dangers of his home–mostly by sense of smell.

The book is now out of print, but I have made a fine art print edition of nine illustrations.

The entire series



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