saguaro growth chart
Saguaro Growth Chart

Saguaro poster detail

detail of saguaro roots

This saguaro poster, designed by Nancy Campana and illustrated by Paul Mirocha, was a fun and educational height chart for kids. But, it can be used and displayed in many different ways. The Western National Parks Association has sold out of these. Since I have gotten a lot of requests, I am researching costs to print my own posters digitally on demand. If you are interested, please leave your name in the comments and I'll inform you when they become available.



  • Hi Paul, we have this poster displayed on the door to the herbarium at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. I would love to have a copy of it if it ever becomes available again. Thank you, Sarah

  • Hello,
    Is the giant saguaro poster and growth chart available to order or purchase at a retail outlet?
    Thanks in advance,
    Don Brockway

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