Native Nations in the Americas and the history of maize. For National Geographic School Publishing

corn's journey to north america
The historical journey of corn
Native American indigenous cultures map, North America
Native American indigenous cultures map, North America


  • Maps are very general indicator of where a ” tribe” may have had an impact on the landscape, prior to European contact: however, some reference to Archaeological/ Anthropological data would add credibility to your efforts. This topic is quite complex , and needs to addressed with scholarship.

    • The Corn’s Journey map was generated by editors at a school textbook and given to me as a contractor as a design brief to create the map. So the scholarship would have come from the publisher’s content creators. I had no control over that. Since it was for grade school kids, they may have left a lot of details out.

  • I am a 8th grader from Draper Park Middle School, and I was wondering if I could use your map for my History day project. If so, there are a few things I am wondering about. What was the year of publication? What is the title of this work? What URL would be best to use for this? Any other information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, I hope to hear back from you as soon as possible!

  • What about the Mohawks, Huron, and Iroquois who were north of the Mohawks land in Massachusetts.
    Also if this map is for only the 1500’s , then I have a map earlier showing a Map of all Native American Tribal Territories and Language Centers in North America, prior to white setters, which shows 5 times more then your map

  • Interesting how many emotions a map can trigger. Keep in mind that a map-maker doesn’t create the text for a map. All the information on this map was mandated years ago by editors at National Geographic School Publishing. Nevertheless, I added a number of tribes myself. And when I get comments, I’ve always added or edited the tribal name requested. This map has a like of its own, evolving from comments by site visitors.

    I’m very aware of the Yoeme since I live among them. I’m working for another client on a new set of maps detailing the Yoeme homelands and diaspora in Arizona. I’ll take your comment as a positive suggestion.

  • The Chichimeca group of natives ( Zacatecos, Guachichiles, Caxcanes) Who were from the Mexican states of Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes. Would you consider them Meso American or Southwest culturally? According to your map they are on the boarder of these two cultural groups.

    • I think all the categories are arbitrary depending on your perspective: looking north from Mexico, or looking south from the US. I welcome any input because I am not a scholar. I’m a mapmaker and I’ll edit the map based on better information.

  • Delaware was an English colonist. Our people are called Lenape, not Delaware. Please fix your Indigenous peoples map.

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