Coyote's Wild Home cover

One July day in the Appalachian hill country, a young coyote pup follows his aunt into the woods to learn about the woods they have moved into. That same day an older man and his city-dwelling grand daughter walk into the same woods to go camping and fishing.

The two parties--animal and human-- do not meet, but each knows that the other is there. At the end of the day pup and girl have a deeper knowledge of the woods, but more importantly, they have a deeper understanding of themselves.

This is a story about migrations of people and animals into new and unfamiliar places. Over the past 30 years, coyotes, driven by persecution in the West,  have migrated into eastern forests where they've never been before. Here, they still meet with the same fear and hatred from humans, but also understanding and acceptance as part of the balance of life.


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