Chocolate shake illustration for Isofit protein drink
peanut butter toffee cookies illustration  for Isofit protein drink
Banana Foster illustration for Isofit protein drink
Packaging and branding for Isofit protein drink

ISOFIT Guilt-Free Protein Drink

Isofit says, "Our unparalleled delicious gourmet flavors and easy mixability make every scoop of ISOFIT a true tasting experience." Surprisingly, for a powder, they really do taste good.

Since you aren't going to sell this product by the look of the powder, we had to create an image that expressed the flavor inside to the imagination of the viewer. The client and I worked back and forth carefully to get exactly the look that described the taste the brand manager had in his mind. I couldn't read his mind, but we did the next best thing--I made many variations until I got it right.

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