Coyote compared to other dogs

Everybody has them. Don’t be afraid to ask. And you won’t have to ask if you just get this new book, appropriately titled, Frequently Asked Questions About Coyotes. It’s published by the Western National Parks Association and Illustrated by Paul Mirocha. FAQ Coyotes won a 2009 media award for publications by the Association for Partner in Public Lands.
For instance, do coyotes chase roadrunners? Not really. In fact they may be allies. Coyotes prey on many of the roadrunner’s enemies. Studies have shown that there are more birds in places where coyotes live than nearby areas without coyotes.  
Do you ever wonder where the word “coyote” comes from? I thought not. In any case, it’s from the Aztec word, Coyotl, meaning “singing dog.”

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