A Mesquite tree: it’s where we live

  These illustrations are from a series of 36 x 24-inch signs made for Pima County’s Desert Haven Natural Resource Park. The park is in an urban environment in mid-Tucson and highlights how many native species from the desert outside of town can find suitable living places within the city.

Life on the Texas prairie

This 24 x 36 illustration was created for interpretive signage at The Meadows Center for Water and Environment, in San Marcos, Texas, owned by Texas State University.

Mezcal agave

Mezcal Agave Talks Like That –by Felipe Molina and Larry Evers   —Larry Evers & Felipe Molina DON JESUS Yoilo’i, a distin­guished Yaqui deer singer, sang this song for us February 22. 1981, while we were visiting with him at his home in Potam, Río Yaqui, Sonora. Yaqui people call themselves Yoemem (People). In the … Read More

Food from the Web

Exhibit sign art for The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

A New War on Bugs

New package design with comp of fly from Bayer. This is what I worked from. The layout is fine, but the fly photo they approved for the comp was definitely the wrong species. The result is Musca domesticus all right, but science or no science, everyone sees it a little bit subjectively. And there is … Read More

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion video game title screen and icons. Client: True Blue Gaming/Aruze.  

Blue Coyote

Title panel for the Blue Coyote video game. Client: True Blue Gaming/Aruze.

Desert Flavors

Pencil illustrations from the book Desert Terroir, by Gary Nabhan. These full page drawings face the chapter openings.