I thought  this layout was cute, so I included it above.

Dermatology ads

      The idea behind Efudex is that it destroys skin lesions before they are visible to the dermatologist.I had this done a few years after doing this illustration and it my face look a lot like one of these chameleons for about a month.

The Black Mamo

  FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS, life was sweet for us black mamos. We lived like everyone else on Hawaii, taking it easy, hanging loose. We did what we had evolved to do: sip sweet nectar from curved, tubular and very abundant Lobelia flowers with our sickle-shaped bills. We weren’t pretty, but that was fine with … Read More

Amazing Armadillos!

  Are armadillos really amazing? The truth comes out. Well, consider this: Can you jump three times your body height, straight up into the air? Can you roll into a ball to protect yourself from a mean dog? Can you walk under water on the bottom of a stream while holding your breath for ten … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about Coyotes

Questions about coyotes? Everybody has them. Don’t be afraid to ask. And you won’t have to ask if you just get this new book, appropriately titled, Frequently Asked Questions About Coyotes. It’s published by the Western National Parks Association and Illustrated by Paul Mirocha. FAQ Coyotes won a 2009 media award for publications by the … Read More