Sawing Wood

Cutting boards from tree trunks, for the American Hardwoods Association

A Garden Mandala

When I first got the client’s doodle for this piece from Bioneers Collaborative Initiative, a group of pragmatic visionary planners, for the cover of their report, “Dreaming New Mexico,” I hesitated to take it on for a few days. I thought it would be impossible to paint and I didn’t know how to tell them … Read More

Corn’s Journey

Native Nations in the Americas and the history of maize. For National Geographic School Publishing

Cactus and succulent house

Which plant below is a Cactus and which is a Euphorbia? (Hint: read the labels.) Euphorbia plants from the dry areas of Africa look a lot like cacti, which only grow in North and South America. People often confuse them, but they are unrelated, a product of parallel evolution. The key to identifying a cactus … Read More

A giant saguaro poster

This saguaro poster, designed by Nancy Campana and illustrated by Paul Mirocha, was a fun and educational height chart for kids. But, it can be used and displayed in many different ways. The Western National Parks Association has sold out of these. Since I have gotten a lot of requests, I am researching costs to … Read More