The Sonoran Desert Map

Map for Frequently Asked Questions about Saguaros, Western National Parks Association

Life on the Texas prairie

This 24 x 36 illustration was created for interpretive signage at The Meadows Center for Water and Environment, in San Marcos, Texas, owned by Texas State University.

Food from the Web

Exhibit sign art for The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University

Water and Environment

Block diagram, signage for non-point-source water pollution, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University   Your feet pound the pavement as you dash through the rain. You glance down and notice pieces of trash flowing beside the road. Where does all that trash come from? Experts call this nonpoint source pollution … Read More

Cave Formations

Cave formations and how cavers navigate them, for Kartchner Caverns visitor center, Arizona State Parks

World Migrations Map

Exhibit Map for North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC                                       A mural-sized wall map originally created for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. This map had a second life in 2022 at the invitation … Read More

Cactus and succulent house

Which plant below is a Cactus and which is a Euphorbia? (Hint: read the labels.) Euphorbia plants from the dry areas of Africa look a lot like cacti, which only grow in North and South America. People often confuse them, but they are unrelated, a product of parallel evolution. The key to identifying a cactus … Read More

Desert Botanical Garden: Trail Signs

  It’s not easy to make your message stick in a viewer’s mind. Especially in an informal learning environment like a zoo or botanical garden. That’s the key concept–visitors have not signed up for a class. They are there primarily to relax and socialize. Yet, visitors are very willing to learn if you can engage … Read More