A New War on Bugs

New package design with comp of fly from Bayer. This is what I worked from. The layout is fine, but the fly photo they approved for the comp was definitely the wrong species. The result is Musca domesticus all right, but science or no science, everyone sees it a little bit subjectively. And there is … Read More

Intimate Flower Anatomy

  From The Reason for Flowers: Their History, Culture, and Biology, and How They Change Our Lives, by Stephen Buchmann      

Rorschach Ladybug

    The Strange Case of the Rorschach Ladybug ONE OF THE LESSER-KNOWN MYSTERIES OF SCIENCE is Coccinella psychoanalytica, order Coleoptera, family Coccinellidae, commonly called the Rorschach ladybug. This attractive beetle seems to have appeared out of nowhere on the evolutionary tree of life. At first considered an isolated mutation, C. psychoanalytica has recently been … Read More

Ant Wars

  Are ants preparing for a war against humans? No. Not exactly. They don’t even know about us. Ants are just doing what any other species would do: seek out new territory, exploit resources, reproduce, and defend their family. But we have got to stop them, and it’s all out chemical warfare! There are no … Read More

A Garden Mandala

When I first got the client’s doodle for this piece from Bioneers Collaborative Initiative, a group of pragmatic visionary planners, for the cover of their report, “Dreaming New Mexico,” I hesitated to take it on for a few days. I thought it would be impossible to paint and I didn’t know how to tell them … Read More