Life on the Texas prairie

This 24 x 36 illustration was created for interpretive signage at The Meadows Center for Water and Environment, in San Marcos, Texas, owned by Texas State University.

Water and Environment

Block diagram, signage for non-point-source water pollution, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University   Your feet pound the pavement as you dash through the rain. You glance down and notice pieces of trash flowing beside the road. Where does all that trash come from? Experts call this nonpoint source pollution … Read More

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion video game title screen and icons. Client: True Blue Gaming/Aruze.  


Graphic title screens and icons for the Skyscraper video game. Client: True Blue Gaming/Aruze.    

Blue Coyote

Title panel for the Blue Coyote video game. Client: True Blue Gaming/Aruze.

A Garden Mandala

When I first got the client’s doodle for this piece from Bioneers Collaborative Initiative, a group of pragmatic visionary planners, for the cover of their report, “Dreaming New Mexico,” I hesitated to take it on for a few days. I thought it would be impossible to paint and I didn’t know how to tell them … Read More

Cave Formations

Cave formations and how cavers navigate them, for Kartchner Caverns visitor center, Arizona State Parks

The Black Mamo

  FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS, life was sweet for us black mamos. We lived like everyone else on Hawaii, taking it easy, hanging loose. We did what we had evolved to do: sip sweet nectar from curved, tubular and very abundant Lobelia flowers with our sickle-shaped bills. We weren’t pretty, but that was fine with … Read More