Map of the Opatería

Map from the book: Conflict in Colonial Sonora: Indians, Priests, and Settlers, by David Yetman, University of New Mexico Press

The Sonoran Desert Map

Map for Frequently Asked Questions about Saguaros, Western National Parks Association

Baja Arizona Map

As the text states, it’s a territory of the imagination, but it exists because it is on a map! Baja Arizona does have its own history and boundaries, and drawing the map defined the place as a new proper noun. I consulted with many experts in different fields to define this region. The map was … Read More

Chasing Arizona

Maps for Chasing Arizona, by Ken Lamberton, published by the University of Arizona Press  

Poland in 1939

Maps for: Belonging to the Nation: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Polish-German Borderlands, 1939–1951 by John J. Kulczycki, Harvard University Press These maps have a personal meaning for me. In drawing them out, I came to understand better the geography and history of where my family came from. A good map is the only way to … Read More

Spice Trade Maps

Maps for Cumin, Camels, and Caravans: A Spice Odyssey, by Gary Paul Nabhan, University of California Press Learn more about the book on the UC Press site.  

Sawing Wood

Cutting boards from tree trunks, for the American Hardwoods Association

Where We Live

Map-themed book covers: a series by Milkweed Editions Illustrations by Trudy Nicholson